Kenneth Clem Sevcik, May 7th, 1944 – October 4th, 2005

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Monday, October 18, 2010

from Periklis Andritsos

Ken was an inspirational figure for everyone who knew him.  I consider
him as an academic father, as a person who inspired and inspires my
work everyday.  I first met Ken in the summer of 2000, when I
discussed with him the topic of my PhD thesis.  Since then, my work
took on a different flavor.  Ken was able to understand my problems in
a matter of minutes giving me the proper advice.  Even though, I was
not officially his student he got excited with my topic and was
actively participating in my research.  Not to mention that I would
call him the "proof-reading machine", with useful and constructive
comments.  Apart from a good advisor, Ken was an excellent friend.
Nothing would replace his witty jokes, his joyful laughter and the
long conversations we had about his trips all over the world.  In
recent years, he would teach me, as well as everybody else, what it
means to be strong and enjoy every moment in life.  He was and he is a
positive influence for me, and he is one of my examples when I am stuck
or when I need to give advice to others.  He will be surely missed as
he was irreplaceable.